Live Chat Increases Sales

It’s no secret – live chat will increase your online sales.  Because HelpOnClick.com has software that allows your employees to handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously, we can increase productivity, guaranteed.  Properly configured messages can increase a website’s conversion and raise revenue without additional marketing ploys.  But there’s more to our software than simply being a side-kick to an employee:



We want your business to succeed.  We began our company 10 years ago in response to our own dissatisfaction with the current chat technology.  It felt cold and alien and didn’t inspire confidence at all.  We want to make your customer relationships easy to manage and productive for both parties.


HelpOnClick.com can help online businesses in a myriad of ways:



Small businesses need to sell more products and services in order to grow.  Large businesses need to manage their customers so they stay happy in order to grow or simply maintain their success.  But whether your are a successful and established business or one just starting out, no one wants to spend a lot of money on a product that promises everything but delivers very little.


It’s important to offer customers the confidence and assurances that you care about them.  Our software is built with the utmost reliability standards and modern state-of-the-art technologies.  Your clients want answers to their questions on your products and/or services and they want them in a timely fashion.  Customer satisfaction, or the lack thereof, is one of the main complaints customers have with an online business.  Here are some of our key features:



When it comes to pricing, we’re all upfront.  We offer our clients a 14-day trial on our HelpOnClick software.  Your customers deserve the best online support you can give them.  Let us help YOU!



Is HelpOnClick Right For My Business?

Whether you have a small business that is slowly growing or a large one that already attracts plenty of customers, HelpOnClick.com can really make a difference to its success. Live chat is an essential tool for every online business. Think about how frustrating it is to see that although you have lots of visitors, only a select few ever go on to become potential clients, and of that select few, only a few become repeat customers.  In order to get these numbers to change, online businesses need to be proactive in how they view their visitors and how they manage those visitors who go on to become customers.




What kind of marketing features do you have?

We have a number of features including pre and post customer surveys, language translation and a floating invitation to chat, giving your customers the human connection that can be all too obvious online.


What kind of help/support do you offer?

We offer live chat support, email/form support and telephone support.


At HelpOnClick.com we’ve got the product to help you in every level of your business. We promise a lot and we deliver it, guaranteed. Our live chat software is very simple to install and manage, with all sorts of customizable aspects to it.  There are many live chat software applications that allow you to change the appearance with various templates and themes and open code, spell checker, sounds and visual alerts, but few that allow you to keep track of your performance as you offer clients customer support.  HelpOnClick makes it easy to measure how quickly you respond to your clients, giving you confidence in your ability to not only be aware and proactive in the needs of your clients but also in how you respond as you work towards anticipating their needs.


Most potential clients are lost as they fumble their way through the gates towards checkout.  Tired of losing customers because you can’t fix a problem you don’t know exists?  Our software will help you anticipate any problems before they force visitors to abandon ship.  Think of our software as a virtual handshake.  It’s easy to dismiss technology as being cold and alien. We want your business to succeed; after all, your success is our business.  Remember, we offer a 14-day trial of our software as well as 24-hour customer support.  We’re here when you need us.



Why HelpOnClick Rocks

Creating a blog is exciting. You want your visitors to be entranced, inspired and fully engaged. But more than that, you want them to feel they can interact with you; instant feedback is liberating and inspiring for both parties involved. But dealing with online software that has a difficult interface can be more than a little frustrating. Most people will bolt when this happens, but for a select few, the excitement of being part of the action is just too hard to resist. Why throw out the baby with the bathwater when you can hold those select few close to you while you make the others interested enough to stick around? Helponclick.com’s easy, affordable software is desktop, tablet and mobile compatible in both Apple and Microsoft operating systems, and a number of different browsers: Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Explorer. The HelpOnClick live chat application is available for all iPhone and iPad customers and is available at the Apple App Store.  Customers with Android devices will interact with Google Play, and others. word Some sites with live chat applications make their customers wait for extended periods because they don’t have enough operators handy. You want a transcript available for download so you can check certain information. It can be irritating when you get notified that the live chat operator is typing to other customers instead of viewing only the information that is directed to you and your current problem. Here are some of the essential features HelpOnClick offers its customers:

Tired of having to keep the application open on your screen to stay online and available to your website visitors? You’ll get notification of the new incoming chats even when the application is closed, unless you sign out of the system. The HelpOnClick application will sit in your systems tray, offering up-to-date information while you continue with other computer tasks. A small popup will arrive with new information. This particular feature can be configured to include sound as well. You can change your online status with a simple right click on the application itself. HelpOnClick also works with a number of content management systems and integration guides: WordPress Joomla Drupal Kentico LightCMS One of the most important aspects of e-Commerce business is the ability to communicate with existing customers and potential buyers. HelpOnClick customers can easily boost their sales with our live chat application. We’ll help you manage your customer relationships so that you can plan your next step and give them the best up-to-date information possible. word perfect Not all online chat applications will offer the best interface experience available but you can count on HelpOnClick to make sure you never miss a single message from your customers and/or visitors. We offer customers a free 14-day trial with no credit card required to create an account. When you want to interact with a virtual agent that will give you support when you need it, think of HelpOnClick.com.


9 Tips to Make a Live Chat More Effective

Live chat support sometimes is the best way to help customers during online purchases. A few tips below can help you evaluate your service and find room for improvement.

1. Offer your customers to email a copy of a transcript in the end of a live chat session. Some customers regret when they forget to request the chat transcript, so they will be grateful if you prevent it.

2. Use canned messages. Canned messages save your time and help sound professional in any situation. Remember to use them carefully and do not make customers think that they are talking to a machine.

3. Use proactive invitations. Invite visitors to chat to increase conversion on target pages. Some visitors may refuse your invitation, but at least they will be aware that they can receive help online.

4. Transfer a chat when needed. If you are involved in a chat that is outside your level of expertise, you need to transfer the chat to a more experienced agent.

5. Check chat history for returning visitors. Customers will appreciate the fact that they do not have to repeat their previous problems. Also you will save them from repeated advices.

6. Add a chat button to your emails. A chat button in your emails will allow your customers to contact you right away if they have any questions regarding the email.

7. Use upsell and cross-sell. Chat agents can persuade customers to purchase a more advanced product or accessories for it. Always search for opportunities to sell more.

8. Offer a post-chat survey. The post-chat surveys help you evaluate your performance and they show your customers that you care about their experience.

9. Provide online support 24×7. If you trade worldwide, you should be able to provide support 24×7. If you are not able to provide 24×7 support, make sure that you post your chat hours clearly on your website.

Properly organized live chat service can dramatically increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction. Make sure you do not miss anything.



21 Phrases That Service Staff Must Know

Words are a powerful tool of communication. Using the right phrases can help you resolve any situations with your customers. 


Show your customers that you are ready to help them and you are going to do everything possible to fix an issue.

1. I can solve that problem.

2. I can certainly help you. Use the words such as definitely, surely, absolutely, certainly to make customers trust you.

3. I am going to do my very best to help you.

4. I am more than happy to help you.


If you are not sure how you can help, or you need time for a research, be honest with your customers.

5. I don’t know, but I’ll find out. That’s a good question, let me find out that for you.

6. Do you mind waiting 2-3 minutes while I research your request?


Explain them what you are going to do.

7. What I will do for you right away is…

8. What I can do for you right now is…

9. Please log off so that I can help you.

10. I will keep you updated.

11. I would suggest/recommend…


Be grateful.

12. Thank you for waiting.

13. We really do appreciate this feedback.

14. Thank you so much for letting us know about this.

15. Thank you do much for your patience.


Be patient with angry customers.

16. I am sorry to hear about this.

17. For special customers like you…

18. I truly understand your concern, but unfortunately we cannot tolerate the kind of language you are using right now.

19. This is our company policy, but let me see if I can work something out for you.

20. Please give me an opportunity to try and resolve this for you. That’s why I’m here.

21. May I ask you a few questions to clarify the situation?


And remember the main rule: never start a sentence with NO. Always try to think of all the words that are negative in nature and replace them with positive ones. 



Live Chat Support on Your Website Can Become Success or Disaster

Installing a live chat tool on your website is a small step towards providing good service to your customers. But it can become a real disaster if you forget about the main part of good service – staff training.


CCM Benchmark, a marketing research company, carried out a survey on how live chat was perceived by e-Commerce and customer service decision makers. One of important results was the role that teams play in delivering customer service via live chat. Respondents mentioned importance of the solution adoption by teams and the general process of agents getting used to using the tool. They insisted that if the live chat agents were not involved in the project and trained to use the tool, the project could become counterproductive.

Training is the main step to effective live chat service. But before think of motivation that your chat agents have. Some big companies believe that position of a chat agent should be earned, the agent should really want to get that position to provide great service. For example, Dell agents never start in chat support, even if they had previous chat experience before being hired. Instead, they must first prove themselves as a top performer in traditional phone support, and then “graduate” to earning a spot on the chat support team. The chat agent role is less stressful and therefore more preferable. Zappos, another company recognized for its overall support savvy, also requires agents to “earn” their right to move to chat as a way to motivate its team.

When you are done with motivation make sure that the new agents learn how to use your chat tool. They should be able to easily do the following:

Another part of training is service culture.This includes a wide variety of rules about what is aloud pr not during a chat session.

The last but not least is product knowledge. All the above training is useless if an agent does not know the product. Make sure that your agents are always informed about the latest changes, updates, new services or products, that they understand them and can correctly describe or explain them to customers.

Well-trained staff is the key of great customer service, and HelpOnClick live chat software helps to deliver that service to your customers.



Learn About Your Customers Without Surveys

Live chat on a website is one of the most popular ways of communication between e-commerce companies and their website visitors. And for business owners it is also a great source of information about customers and their behavior. That is because unlike phone calls, the chat scripts are all saved in the archive and can be reviewed at any time.

Here is what you may learn from your chat archive.

1. The most frequently asked questions.

After you set up canned messages for common questions, you may find out that your website visitors ask different questions. Archive monitoring gives you the chance to keep the scripts updated to the latest customers’ interests.

2. Your customers may want new products or features.

You do not need to take a survey to ask your customers about their interests. The answers are already in your chat archive. Potential customers always ask about the products or features they need, and if you see repeated requests, you might think of having a new offer.

3. The most common difficulties that your customers experience.

If they always ask about the same things, there may be something wrong with your product or services, or information on your website is not full or hard to find. Find and solve the issues that cause those questions to make your customers happier.

4. What your prospect want to know about you.

Chat scripts are a great source of information about your prospects. You can find out the questions they ask before a purchase, and use them for writing promotional texts. You can see which companies they compare you with or between which products they choose.

HelpOnClick live chat software saves all the chats with your website visitors in the archive and keeps them for as long as you use the chat service. If you have not done monitoring before, now it is the right time to start.



Things You Need to Know About Your Customers

When you start live chats with your website visitors, are you sure that you know who you are talking to? Do you know what type of customers they are?

Answers to these questions determine the topics you are going to discuss with them.

When they do not know what they want, use probing questions that help them better understand their needs. Get to know how urgent the need is.

When they are choosing between several products, ask which brands they are comparing and what their priorities are. Show how your products satisfy their needs.

When they are asking about a particular product, you should be an expert in it (or pass the chat to someone who is the expert). Try to understand what stops the customer from the purchase right now and resolve the doubts.

Get to know at what point of the AIDA scale they are now. AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. If your website has not drawn a visitor’s attention, you cannot ask him «Can I help you?» because this question is not able to draw attention either. This question is appropriate at the Desire stage, when you can ask «May I help you to find the products that fit your size» or some other question offering particular help.

At the Action stage use a close-a-deal script and do not get back to any general discussions that are appropriate at the first stages.

Urgency gives you an aim for a particular chat. If a customer is ready to buy, your aim is to close the deal during that chat session. If you fail to do that, you most probably loose a customer to your competitor. If the customer is just searching for the options, your aim is to find out his needs and get his contact information for further actions.

Remember that you can reach your goals with customers only when you find the right words to convince them. And the right words depend on a customer type.




Home Office vs at the Office: What do You Choose?

Internet business is very flexible speaking about working space. In many cases, office location is not very important, if an office is needed at all. Today we’ll take a look at pros and cons home offices for customer service staff.

Pros for employers. 

Cons for employers.

Pros for employers.

Cons for employees. 

Business owners can decide, wether to hire remote workers or not depending on their business structure and on their ability to organize remote work. All pros and cons should be properly weighted. And what is your choice?




Еffective Ways to Invite Website Visitors to Chat

Are you creative enough in engaging your website visitors into a live chat with company representatives? There are no «one phrase fits all» solutions here, so you can test multiple options.

Manual invitations do not seem the best idea, because they use a standard invitation text. Standard invitation text does not take into account any specific data such as a visitor’s referral URL or a currently viewed page.

Automatic invitations are more flexible in terms of taking advantage of the available information about website visitors.

Here are a few examples.

1. Separate new and returning visitors.

For new visitors you can use a welcome-to-our-website message, and for returning visitors you may write «Welcome back! Got more questions? Start the chat for assistance» or «We are glad to see you again! If any questions arise, feel free to ask here»

2. Mind a referral.

If you are a web designer, you may have traffic from WordPress and Joomla websites. For those who arrived from the WordPress, you may write «We love designing WordPress websites! Start the chat to get a quote». For the Joomla visitors you just replace the «Wordpress» word with «Joomla» word and you sound more personal than saying «We love designing websites!

3. Mind the currently viewed page.

It is more effective to start a conversation with a question about a particular product rather than with general questions. Imagine that a visitor is reading about a design faculty in your college. You may ask «Do you plan to become a designer? Can I tell you about our design faculty?». It will work better than all purpose «How may I help you?» or «Do you have questions about our college?

4. Use call-to-action phrases.

Say NO to the following words: «We are here to help», «We are online», «We will be glad to answer your questions», etc. Instead of that use calling sentences, such as «Got questions? Click here to contact an assistant», «Start a chat to get a quote», Start a chat for personal assistance».

There are much more ways to invite visitors to chat. Remember that you can be creative in composing invitation texts and you can be tough-minded using the available information about your website visitors. All the described options can be applied to the HelpOnClick’s live chat invitation settings, under the Admin>Customize tabs. Good luck in your experiments!





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