Customers Leave Your Business. Your Actions?

Statistics says that selling to and old client costs less, than selling to a new client. Though keeping old customers should be one of the main priorities of any business, customers happen to leave.

There are many reasons why customers leave, and sometimes the reasons are not even related to a company’s products or services. But there are a few things that you can do in any case to improve their customer experience.

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1. Ask if there is anything that you can do to resolve the situation. Sometimes customers are very emotional about their bad experience, and it may seem that they hate your company and they will never want to come back. But when they calm down, it may turn out that there is a simple solution of the problem, and the customer only wants you to apologize and take measures ASAP. Before your customers leave, make sure if you can do anything or not to change their mind.

2. Do not make it hard. If there is nothing that you can do right now, let them go, and leave the door open. The situation may change and customers may want to come back. You should make it easy for them. Show that they are always welcome. 

3. Listen to your customers. Unhappy customers are likely to leave your business, so it is important to know what their concerns are. You may have your own vision of your business, but if your customers are unhappy, you have to be flexible. The best way to keep customers is to constantly improve your products and service, according to customers’ expectations. Even if you have lost a customer, they may come back in the future, when you get the right offer for them.

4. Some customers must leave. Sometimes you do not need to take efforts to keep a customer. Some customers do not belong to your target audience, and they may drain your time and resources, with no profit for you. Do not be afraid to lose them. Still you should be friendly and helpful, and they should not feel unwanted. Recommend some other company, that may suit them better, and they will be grateful. There is a chance that they may become your target audience in the future, or they will recommend you to other clients. Positive impression and friendly relations with your ex-customers are equally important as your relations with current customers.

Customers leave businesses every day, and you need to make sure, that you do not push your customers to leave, intentionally or not.


What Matters for Superior Customer Service

Extraordinary customer service is not a myth, but it is something that every company can deliver. It does not matter, if it is a large well-known company, or a small local business, what matters most is how you care about your customers.

Here is a couple of popular stories of personal touch in customer service.

This one may turn out to be apocryphal, but the story was all over the place after the launch of the iPad 2. Apparently a man bought an iPad online, then returned it to the company almost immediately, affixing a Post-It to the front of the device that simply read, “Wife said no.” Returns processors must have gotten a kick out of it, because the story eventually made its way to a couple of Apple VPs, who refunded the customer and returned the iPad with an attached Post-It that said, “Apple said yes.”

A family vacationing at the Ritz-Carlton, Bali, was always careful to bring their own supply of specialized eggs and milk because of their son’s food allergies. In this particular instance, however, the food was ruined en route. The Ritz-Carlton manager couldn’t find any of the special items in town, but his executive chef recalled that a store in Singapore sold them. The chef contacted his mother-in-law, who lived there, and had her purchase the items, then fly to Bali (about 2.5 hours) to deliver them.

Excellent customer service

You can say that big companies can afford that, and small business is not able to give away iPads and deliver food from Singapore. Now take a look at the following example, found on Digital Spy forums.

When I had my wisdom teeth out, I had to get some antibiotics to prevent infection. My dad went and picked them up for me, but I didn’t look in the bag all day because I wasn’t up to it. Seven o clock that (Saturday) evening, and there’s a knock at the door. It’s the pharmacist, who has driven all the way across town to drop off some extra medication that she thought she’d forgotten to give me. Turns out I didn’t need it, but it was really, really nice of her to do that on a Saturday night, when she really had to go out of her way. 

Personal attitude and attention to customers make customer service exceptional, not a company size.


Happy Holidays!

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What makes great customer service

Emotion influence purchase decision six times more than rational. This is why customer service is important. Many consumers will pay a higher price just to receive great customer service. To deliver it, you need to focus on various aspects of your business. 

Frontline staff.

Every employee who gets in touch with your customers should understand the importance of making good impression. It does not matter if it is a frontline associate or an employee who is not supposed to contact customers, they must be friendly, polite and supportive every time they negotiate with customers.

Make sure that your employees are knowledgable and well-trained, and they support company’s values. Loyal employees have better chances to win loyal customers.

customer service in small business

Contact points.

A contact point is the method a customer uses to communicate with a company. For online business the most popular points of contact are a company’s website, live chat, telephone and email. 

A company’s website should be convenient for self-service. Customers should be able to easily find required products, get full product description and understand a purchase process, as well as return policy. Website usability is the most important aspect of online sales.

Phone support, live chat and email support involve communication with companies’ representatives. There are some general rules of great customer service for these contact points.


Allow customers to leave their feedback. Listen to what they say and act accordingly. Successfully utilizing customer feedback is a must for any business looking to deliver great customer service.


Live Chat is Essential for e-Commerce

The most of online shoppers prefer to contact a real person before making a purchase. Email support is too slow for this purpose, and phone calls may be inconvenient. Live chat service is the best way to communicate with customers on a website, and live chat is essential for e-Commerce.

live chat for e-commerce

Customers always hesitate about online purchases. “Is it the right size for me?” “Do they have it in blue?” “Can I have a discount?” “How can I return it if it does not fit?” These are only a few questions that customers have, and there are several times more. Just one unanswered question can become a reason for a customer not to buy. Unanswered questions lead to abandoned carts and lost sales.

Live chat is a must for online business. It is not a competitive advantage, but an essential part of e-Commerce websites. People do not like waiting. If they are not able to get answers to their questions immediately, they will go shopping to another website. Live chat allows to provide instant assistance. It shows customers that they are buying from real people, who care about customers’ needs and worries.

Live chat is a great opportunity for up-sell. Online assistants can offer customers better value for a little additional cost, or offer a discount for a bulk purchase. Live chat also allows to cross-sell. Customers may need accessories for their purchase, delivery service or additional insurance. Online assistants have better chances to sell extra products and services, than website information. Researchers say that customers who chat with a store representative during purchase process have 40% higher check on average.

Studies from Forrester Research show that live chat for e-Commerce can push up average order values (AOV), conversion rates and CSAT scores. It can also help reduce abandonment and encourage a transaction to take place where previously it was unlikely.


Engage Customers Using Color Theory

Color is the most powerful branding tool, that greatly affects website conversion. Customizable design is a must for any software, including live chat tools. In the first place it means the ability to choose color schemes, because live chat widget design should correspond to your website design. Let’s have a look at the psychology of color and its influence on online sales.

Researchers have found that there is no single best color for conversions. A principle known as “Isolation effect” states that an item that “stands out like a sore thumb” is more likely to be remembered. While a large majority of consumers prefer color patterns with similar hues, they favor palettes with a highly contrasting accent color.

Consider this example of a boost in conversions due to a change in button color: 


The button change to red boosted conversion by 21 percent, but that does not mean that red holds same sort of magic power to get people to take action.

Take a closer look at the image: It’s obvious that the rest of the page is geared toward a green palette, which means a green call to action simply blends in with the surroundings. Red, meanwhile, provides a stark visual contrast (and is a complementary color to green).

Color tips that may improve your conversions.

  1. Women don’t like grey, orange and brown. They like blue, purple and green. In a survey on color and gender, 35% of women said blue was their favorite color, followed by purple (23%) and green (14%). 33% of women confessed that orange was their least favorite color, followed by brown (33%) and gray (17%).
  2. Men don’t like purple, orange and brown. Men like blue, green and black. These colors are traditionally associated with maleness.
  3. Use blue in order to cultivate user’s trust. Both men and women like blue, and it is one of the most used colors. The color of trust, peace, order and loyalty.
  4. Yellow is for warnings, but some color psychologists declare yellow to be the color of happiness. Brands use yellow to show that they are fun and friendly.Color_Emotion_Guide
  5. Green is ideal for environmental and outdoor products. If the focus of your website has anything to do with nature, environment, organic, or outdoor, green should be your color of choice. Green also is a good call to action color, especially when used in combination with the “Isolation effect”.
  6. Orange is a fun color that can create a sense of haste or impulse. The color suggests urgency, which makes the message more noticeable and actionable. Sometimes, orange is interpreted as “cheap.”
  7. Black adds a sense of luxury and value. If you are selling high-value luxury consumer items on your website, black probably would be a good choice.
  8. Use bright primary colors for your call to action. In strict testing environments, the highest-converting colors for calls to action are bright primary and secondary colors – red, green, orange, yellow. Darker colors like black, dark gray, brown, or purple have very low conversion rates. Brighter ones have higher conversion rates.

There are no strict rules for using colors, but you may still consider them while choosing colors for your website.

Sources: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/233843; http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/232741 


How a Live Chat Helps to Increase Sales

Small biz

Companies that offer a live chat service on their websites register increase of conversion rate by 40%. That means that they are able to sell more with no significant investment. So why live chat makes the difference?

Timely online help. Live chat allows businesses provide timely help to their customers. Working with customer’s concerns is impossible without live communication. For the websites that do not offer live chat service it results in abandoned carts. Those who can answer customers’ questions as soon as they arise, can significantly reduce the number of abandoned carts and increase sales. 

According to a Forrester Research study, 44% of customers stated that having a question answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer. 

Personalized communication. HelpOnClick live chat keeps all the chat history in the archive and recognizes returned customers. Based on the previous chat history, chat agents can make special offers for particular customers and also suggest additional products and services. 

Live chat provides opportunities for upsell. After solving a customer’s issue, chat agents can inform customers that there is currently a sale going on or a discount coupon available for the goods the customer might want to purchase.

Buying from real people. People like buying form people. Websites that do not offer online help cannot assure customers that if any issues arise, the customers will be able to easily reach a company representative. Live chat allows customers to make sure that a business is operated by people who are available for communication. 

Feedback. A live chat tool allows website owners to talk to the website visitors and find out what the visitors are confused about the website, what they need on the website and what prevents them from buying. Answers to these questions will allow to improve the website design, usability and services. Satisfying customers’ needs is the first step towards sales increase.


Live Chat Software for Small Business: Pros and Cons

Starting a new business is always risky. Entrepreneurs have to make hundreds decisions that determine company’s future. An important question is how to communicate with customers without braking a bank? Let’s take a look at pros and cons of live chat service for a small business.


1. Live chat is much cheaper than a toll-free phone. Cost of service is a question of a great importance for a new business, and live chat software can save business owners a fortune.

2. Online help is faster than email support. A live chat tool allows website owners communicate with customers in real time and provide timely help.

3. It can take less than ten minutes to start using the HelpOnClick live chat on your website. It is the fastest way to get connected with your customers.

4. Chat history and customers’ feedback are always available for further analysis and communication with returned visitors and customers. Your communication can become really personal, based on the previous contacts.

5. There is no need to pay operators on slow hours. HelpOnClick’s Virtual chat agent can handle inquiries when there are no operators online. At no additional cost.

6. Real-time traffic monitor shows where visitors came from and what pages they are browsing. With this information you are armed before starting a conversation.

7. Integration with social media tools allows you attract new fans to your Facebook fan page and Twitter feed.

8. Those who start using the HelpOnClick live chat software on their websites admit that it helps significantly increase their online sales. That’s the main reason why a small business needs live chat: it helps to sell more and grow faster.

It can take less than ten minutes to start using the HelpOnClick live chat on your website. It is the fastest way to get connected with your customers.


We have tried hard, but still we have not found anything that can stop a business owner from using a live chat service on their websites. Today’s customers expect instant help 24/7, and the HelpOnClick live chat software allows to deliver it.


Boost Sales With HelpOnClick


As a business, it’s important to reach potential customers before they have a chance to click through to another website.  By offering your customers live chat, you give them the opportunity to ask questions while they are at your site before any problems arise.  We offer the ultimate pre-sales/support experience, ensuring they’ll stick around and really check out your products and services.


At HelpOnClick.com, we have subscriptions to suit your needs, free 14-day trial options and unlimited updates all at very competitive prices.  Our services work on mobile phones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers using Mac or Windows operating systems and integrate with any internet browser!   It’s that easy.  Adding a live chat widget to your website makes it easy for visitors to transition into potential clients. Whether you’ve got a blog, a small or large business, we’ve got the software and the competitive prices to keep you happy and ensure your customers come back to your site again and again.


Customer satisfaction should be Job #1 for any business.  Incidentally, it’s the number one complaint online customers have and it’s really an easy fix.  Here are some of the features you’ll find with our software:



Our competitively priced live chat plans are as follows:


Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.04.44 AM


The HelpOnClick software enables you link with Google Analytics.  This in turn enables you to work towards optimizing the way online users view the importance of your website.  Optimizing the ranking the importance of your site is crucial to growing your business.  The value of the content of your website estimates the value of the links getting there; more links means more importance and that in turn means more visitors and more potential clients for you.  The use of search engines and social media can increase the traffic on your site exponentially.  Having software that can help you anticipate the needs of your visitors and potential clients translates into easy money.


Even when you’re offline, visitors and clients can leave you a message whenever they need your assistance using the virtual agent.  It’s also a great way to fight spam.  Our software enables you to block spammers, hecklers and abusive visitors easily and painlessly with the touch of a button.  HelpOnClick software can also be configured to give you daily or weekly statistics on the number of visitors that stop by on your website, as well as returning visitors.  Stats can indicate where to improve or change the content of your page.


Take a chance and try the 14-day free trial offer now!












Live Chat Software Made Easy

The 21st Century has certainly made an impact on how people communicate with each other. This newest generation will be the first one that will never have known life that didn’t include a mobile device, a computer, color television and the Internet. Because of that fact, online live chat isn’t really a new concept. People of all ages, cultures, ethnicities and financial backgrounds are already fairly familiar with computers and texting.

Choosing the right online support software can seem daunting. Once you’ve waded through the minefield and have decided on the right software for your business you’re still left with questions:



At HelpOnClick.com, we are very customer satisfaction oriented. We want you to succeed; it’s just that simple. There are a number of ways we can help you convert visitors into clients. Here are just a few:

Make sure your live chat buttons are placed strategically on your website. You may consider scattering a few throughout so that your clients can contact you with greater ease. Our software allows you to customize the buttons so they’ll feature more prominently.
Make sure your operators are available at all times and that you have enough operators to handle your visitor traffic. There’s just nothing that puts people off faster than having to wait in a queque to get a few simple answers to their questions. Your time is money and so is theirs.
Each operator should be knowledgeable in your products and/or services; their confidence will translate into customer loyalty and that means more financial security for you.

It’s important for online businesses to have adequate trustworthy agents manning their chat support centers. HelpOnClick.com only employs experienced operators that offer support in a variety of areas:


It doesn’t really matter how big or how small your business is – our live chat services can work for you.

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